Dispute A Listing



Please note that all listings on this website are submitted and managed by our member organizations.  If you wish to dispute a listing on this site, you should first contact the member organization who submitted your name.  Please note that payment of a bad debt DOES NOT GUARANTEE that the member organization will remove your name from this list.  The member organization does have the option to either remove or update the listing at their discretion.  

If you still disagree with a listing and have made an attempt to resolve this dispute with the member organization, you may submit information that disputes a listing to us below for review.  Please note that you MUST complete all required questions and attach up to 3 documents / images that show proof of your claim.  If you can not prove your claim, we will not be able to help you.  This website is a service provided to our members and they alone are responsible for any listings they submit to this site.  For more information, you may see our LEGAL DISLAIMER BY CLICKING HERE.

If you wish to proceed, please complete the following form and provide documents or images that support your claim:

Dispute A Listing
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